Well-Seasoned Greetings

After a day and a half of sifting and chopping, the friends and family holiday treats sit ready on our kitchen island, awaiting delivery. I took a few shortcuts this year, eschewing the Santa’s Whiskers and Slovakian Butter Cookie cut-outs for good old Toll House, and I bought fudge for the first time. Sorry, Mom–nothing compares to your carefully crafted “Millionaire” version. But the Apple Bread remains. The scent of cinnamon and apples perfumed our home while Christmas carols performed by country artists serenaded us. I measured and stirred, seasoned and baked.

This morning, assembling cookie tins, portioning salted caramel brownies, and wrapping moist loaves of apple bread, I remembered all the moments of the past year, sweet, savory, salty–the taste of fear and disappointment, the surprise of joy, the comfort of waking up to tomorrow, the scent of forgiveness.

May your holidays allow you time to reflect, provide a taste of memories to come, and infuse you with joy.

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