Easter Offerings

Easter preparations proceed at full tilt, the patio cleaned and set for 16 diners, flowers arranged, ham ready for the oven, cheeses grated for the shrimp and crab casserole, eggs decorated, eggs deviled in three ways. Scalloped pineapple emerges fragrant and crusty from the oven (an old-fashioned/new recipe from my friend Wilma who wowed us with it at the Tax-Aide Volunteer luncheon) as the perfect ham accompaniment, and so many other dishes and goodies coming from friends and neighbors.

So, contemplating leftovers and in need of bread for luncheon tomorrow, I resurrected an old recipe which I have not made since we sold The Purcellville Inn in 1986: Cottage Cheese Dill Bread. Listening to classic rock and roll and working at my baking station on the big kitchen island, I measured and stirred, proofed and patted, a second rise of the soft dough, and the result was two beautifully browned Pullman loaves, slathered with Irish butter and coarse salt. My husband-of-almost-thirty-years’ comment? “You’ve been holding out on me again, sweetheart!”

He’s right. Always good to go back and visit the oldies-but-goodies. Happy Easter. The bread has arisen.

cottage dill bread

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