Who proposed daylight savings time?

I make the usual complaints when we lose an hour as we “Spring forward” or the expressions of delight when we “Fall back” every year. But there are those who rage or fall into depression or just complain more loudly when we change the clocks. I empathize. Truly, I do. I once worked for an employer with headquarters in Indianapolis when the city of Indianapolis refused to recognize the time change. Other renegades are surely out there. Alaska and Hawaii and some US territories such as Guam don’t participate.

Recently, a friend posted on IG the explanation for the origination of daylight savings time in New Zealand: In 1895, New Zealand entomologist George Hudson proposed a two-hour time shift so he would have more daylight to catch bugs in the summertime.

I did my own Google search and learned that Benjamin Franklin proposed the time change in 1784 when he wrote an essay published in the Journal de Paris: “An Economical Project for Diminishing the Cost of Light,”

For more interesting tidbits, check out Live Science.


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