When the news sends you back to bed

Comfort1Illustration by Sabrina Silverio

It wasn’t a headline. I was playing Bridge Doctor online while waiting for the antihistamine to kick-in at 5 am this morning, hoping it would calm down my sneeze mechanism. The message “you have exceeded your allowable number of hands for the day unless you want to pay more moolah” scrolled a banner across my screen, and I clicked the window closed. My facebook feed confronted me with the CNN red and white logo, every article and photograph addressing the latest shameful comment or action from the Trump team, or the newest rebuttal to Trump, all of humanity seemingly embroiled in a spitting match. And then I read that someone spat at Eric Trump in a restaurant—such contempt displayed on both sides. I decided to go back to bed and try this day again later.

I woke up, thankful. Thankful to be able to try again. Thankful that others have more endurance than I do. Grateful for people like Expertina, who seem capable of reasoning us out of hopelessness. So, yes, this is my blog post to ask you to have hope. And if you don’t, read this commentary by Suzanne Heagy of The Gloria¬†Sirens blog. Please, and thank you.



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