Gallery: Go 4th and celebrate . . .

wedding poster

Three years ago, I posted on social media about getting married on July 4th and what an excellent decision that was—both the marriage and the date!

This year, we celebrate our 30th year wed, one week from today. David teases that marrying me was only the icing on the cake. He scored highly by (1) having a wedding anniversary on a national holiday–so that he would never forget the date (2) being able to crack wise (endlessly) about how he gave up his independence on Independence Day and (3) there are always fireworks and everybody is celebrating–on our anniversary.

If you are interested, check out the memories in picture form below. Many hands went into making the day extraordinary: from location to invitations to posters to catering equipment to linen to flowers to cake to photos to staffing to music. We had a video thanks to our cousin from Indiana, but a baby-sitter recorded a Disney show over it one night when the kids were little. We can always watch the movie in our head.

This year, our daughter will be making her first visit from her new home in Charlotte, North Carolina, bringing an old friend from high school, and said friend’s mother–who has become a treasured friend. Fortunately, my husband loves company, always encouraging our friendships, ever solicitous and entertaining, the benefits of marrying a chef and caterer, even if that career is long past. As we always say, no one can pay us enough money to cater anymore; we only do it for love. We need to shop for food, mow the yard, check the pool water. We have a rain or shine plan. Love is definitely on the menu.

the house overlooking the Blue Ridge foothills in Loudoun County,

My sister and brother-in-law. Pam and Mike Boyd hosted us in their lovely home overlooking the Blue Ridge foothills in Paeonian Springs, Loudoun County, Virginia.


The bride’s hair before the hat. How 1989!

Descending the staircase to Pachelbel's Canon in D. I know. Please don't judge.

Descending the staircase to Pachelbel’s Canon in D. I know. Please don’t judge.

So in love (2)

So in love.

The flowers (2)

The flowers.

the cake (2)

The cake.

praise for the cake baker (2)

Praise for the baker of the cake.

our happy and generous hosts

Our happy and generous hosts!


My nieces and their exceedingly chill and compliant cat, Domino.

wedding poster

This poster was a wedding present from a friend and graphic artist, Lisa Crews Gillogly. Like us, it has faded a bit, but we still spark!

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