Southern sayings, summer storms, sweet sounds, and saffron rice

I watched an InnerViews video this morning of Ernie Manouse interviewing Dixie Carter several years ago. She talked of her unexpected discovery of love with Hal Holbrook and experiencing success in her career after the age of forty. Ms. Carter epitomized the Southern Woman with her charm and intelligence. As a practiced storyteller, she was fluent in witty sayings. When asked about what made Mr. Holbrook special, she responded, “There’s a Southern expression: ‘It takes a mighty good man to be better than no man at all.'”

I made coffee, taking a cup to my husband on the back porch. I told him about the interview, finishing with her quote. He got it. David is my “mighty good man.” I never expected him, never hoped for him, never saw him coming. So thankful he arrived.

Our sunny morning became a rainy afternoon but did not deter us from grilling dinner. While the storms blew through, David played Carly Simon radio on Pandora, and I made Persian rice. The tahdig came out a little less golden than I had hoped (I am out of practice), but the butter and saffron flavors made this a perfect platform for our kabobs.

Today was a perfect platform for saying thank you to the love of my life.

If you are interested in good interviews here is a link:


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