Monday musings . . . .

Parakeet Park early 1950sHere’s a little beginning-of-the-week humor: at one of the oldest continuously operating mobile-home/RV parks in the area, Parakeet Park has amused locals since the early 1950s by maintaining a tradition of clever, corny, sometimes groan-worthy observations on their “reader board” at the entrance to the park. I look forward to seeing the latest message when I drive up Scenic Highway 17 along the southern end of Lake Wales Ridge.
Today’s message: “Cupcakes are muffins that believe in miracles!”
My favorite saying from several years ago: “Nothing is truly lost until your mother can’t find it!”
I have attached a picture of the park in the early 1950s as well as a picture of a “groaner” that they posted in 2015. 2015 channing tatum sign,jpg
And finally, if you are ever in South Polk County at the end of January, check out their annual rummage sale event when cars line the two-lane highway. You never know if the crowds are drawn more by the goods on sale or the legendary apple dumplings.
Life in the slow lane.
Happy Monday!
parakeet park reader board sign

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