Ode to One-Pot Meals, April 23, 2020

Sometimes one-pot meals beat all else when it comes to the whole being-better-than-the-parts. We started with the requisite shallots and garlic spiked with a bit of crushed red pepper. Building flavor with a couple of almost forgotten links of kielbasa from Texas, we added chopped curly kale, a scattering of leftover fingerling potatoes, a slug of dry vermouth, and a can of Great Northern beans. This formed the base for the dish, finishing it with the main event: two boxes of Publix brand frozen mussels in the shell. Most satisfying. Oh, and no more bread for me this week. That French baguette rescued from the freezer, toasted with garlic oil and parmesan, sopped up the broth nicely!

We decided we can throwback this Thursday night dinner any old time. Feel free to share your favorite quarantine foraging here.

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