Oxygen: I breathe, you breathe, we all breathe. Living the virus life, April 24, 2020 edition.

If you have a recent model Samsung cell phone with advanced features, be sure to download the “Samsung Health” app. Yes, it will force you to be tracked in a “big data” pool, sorry. However, the benefit is that you will be able to verify your oxygen levels, just like those oxygen finger monitors that are now being used to check people for potential Covid19 infection–and identifying risk levels. By monitoring your oxygen levels, rather than just looking for more outward manifestations of symptoms, you can detect your need for treatment earlier and improve your chances of survival. I don’t know at this time how reliable or accurate the device and application are, but better than nothing, right?

I confess to not yet doing the research on iPhones or other devices but thought I would get the information out there for others to consider. This was my process once I learned the function might exist on my phone:

1. First, make sure you have the Samsung Health app installed. It usually comes pre-installed on most new models.

Health app logo

2. Open the app and navigate through the categories. Oxygen monitor is part of the “stress measurement” function. Press the “measure” bar to begin.

3. Identify the scanning lens on your phone. It will be the small top square of glass that is third from the right.

4. Center the pad of your index finger over the lens, being sure not to press too hard. It should trigger a red light. You can verify it is running a monitor to analyze your oxygen level by peaking around to the front of the screen and you will see one of those jagged-line/stat monitors taking a reading.

5. Keep your finger in place until it finishes the analysis–the light will go off, and you can see the updated information in the app. Per the CDC, you want your oxygen level above 90%. 95% is a positive benchmark.

There are helpful suggestions with tools to help bring down your stress.

This is just a commentary on my personal journey of searching for resources to help ourselves and others. I have no political or philosophical agenda here. Feel free to add to the knowledge base. I just discovered this function a few days ago and welcome helpful information for other types of devices.

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